The Luxurious Comfort Qualities of Fiberfill

Sometimes, a person or a product may only be talented in a few different areas, but in those areas, they excel so far beyond all others, their skills make them a top commodity. One can find versions of specialized excellence everywhere, and one example in the comfort world is a little-known but widely-used product called polyester fiberfill, also known as Dacron batting.

Polyester fiberfill is made loose in bundles or sheets, as polyester fibers intertwined into a cushioning, semi-fabric material. People have found assorted uses for fiberfill over the years that can get jobs done in a pinch, but more than anything else, this material excels as a comfort product, perfect for upholstery batting.

Due to its physical makeup and ability to compress, fiberfill is able to soften hard surfaces without altering its support qualities. Dacron makes a big difference in a comfort product, even when the product is not in use. Its fluffy fullness can fill out cushions and create a stuffed, luxurious appearance over angular and static-looking cushions and pads. This quality makes it frequently used to wrap couch cushions, providing extra comfort and aesthetics to a major purchase that requires both. Its versatility allows it to be added to any covered foam product, ranging from pillows and seat pads, to all foam mattress cores.

Yet another example of its skill in the comfort world, sheets of polyester fiber batting are one of the best materials for making quilts and blankets. Tighter makes of fiberfill are able to be sewn like sheets of fabric, meaning the batting sheets can be sewn into the quilt cover evenly to ensure a smooth and full filling that won’t shift or bunch over time. When torn apart by hand, the resulting loose fiberfill makes an excellent stuffing for fluffy and comfy throw pillows. If comfort is what you’re after, without sacrificing other qualities you’ve come to appreciate, polyester fiberfill is right for the job.