Protect Your Walls with Foam Doorstops

There are plenty of things in our lives we don’t realize the importance of until we don’t have them or it’s too late. Perhaps it’s a power generator after a huge summer storm. Maybe it’s sunscreen and bug spray after setting out on a weekend camping trip. While not as life-altering as the aforementioned situations, having something as simple as a doorstopper in your home is another example that can prevent major headaches down the road.

This can be attested to by anybody who has ever had their nerves jarred by a door slamming, or had their patience tested as they patched the hole in the wall that a doorknob donated. But for some, adding a doorstopper and wall protection is more effort than it’s worth, after considering finding the right products, measuring, and installing them. For people who want the protection of doorstops without the added construction effort, foam protectors exist as easy to use wall kits that can absorb impact and save you stress and dollars.

The most basic method of all is to cut the corner off an old foam cushion or packaging remnant and place it behind the door. This is as temporary as solutions get however, and after the force of one quiet door slam, the pad can be knocked out of place without you noticing. Specifically-made door protection kits are made and designed to be practical and removable fixtures in your home.

Often shaped like a dog bone with a slit cut in the middle, these cushions slide over a door’s edge and cushion the impact of it swinging open or slamming shut. Gusts of wind as you air out the house can swing doors without any people being present, and children playing obviously have little concern over the wall space behind a door. But sliding on these cushions when needed can keep your walls protected, keep doors from slamming shut and locking, and give you the peace of mind you didn’t have before.