Negativity Bias: Reputation Management Lessons From Jostens, and

Positive reviews in the digital era can make or break a small business. While positive reviews will always attract new customers, negative reviews can cause a hitch and probably send customers running, possibly ruining a business’s image. Below are some of the examples: Jostens,, and

Jostens Reviews: A Case Study in Reputation Management

Jostens, a class ring, yearbook, and graduation products company, has been pounded by negative reviews for the last few years. Their customers have been highly dissatisfied, complaining about late deliveries, poor customer service, and poor product quality. These negative reviews fuel the lightning-fast online environment, which is hurting Jostens’s reputation and making it difficult to regain consumer trust. Reviews: Why Responding to Negative Reviews Matters

The website, which deals with offering prepaid card services, attracted a lot of negative reviews from clients, accusing the site of having hidden fees, scanty customer care services, and difficulties in getting access to funds. Such negative reviews tainted the website’s reputation, making it lose customers. Reviews: The Effect of Reviews on E-Learning

On the other hand, the story is a case in point for how glowing reviews can power your business.

Having obtained academic support from, the customers were full of amazement at the convenience and top-notch service they got there. The website was very user-friendly in terms of use in finding the required assistance. Tutors were knowledgeable in their subjects and supportively and patiently led the customers through the mazes of intricate concepts. Also, fast response and reasonable pricing for such quality service pleasantly affected the overall customer experience.

They recommended the website for academic help to anyone who would like to receive it. It is exactly this kind of word-of-mouth advertising that will bring more customers to businesses and add to their online presence.

Conclusion: Online Reputation Management is Key

The examples of,, and Jostens highlight the importance of effective online reputation management for small businesses. Poor reviews translate to both a direct hit on the bottom line and a hit on the reputation of a business. Handling complaints from customers promptly, product improvement, service improvement, and continued customer activity can help a small business minimize the effects of poor reviews and build a good online reputation.