Organizational Basics: From Acrylic Displays to Clothes Hangers

The task of organizing merchandise in a store is one of the most difficult tasks for an owner.  Customers need to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, but certain items need to be sold and pushed at certain times of the fiscal year out of necessity.  The balance is key and can be achieved with different types of display methods.


Acrylic displays can be used to attract customers to impulse purchases when they are checking out at the cash register or make it easier for customers to see the products they came to the store for.  For example, certain acrylic displays are quite helpful when selling different types of jewelry that should not be stored unprotected for security reasons.  This displays allow the customer to view all of the items while still taking away the risk of potential theft.

Consumers also look at what type of clothes hanger different shirts and pants are hung on.  Wooden hangers are typically associated with higher end clothing stores and more expensive, formal clothing.  Plastic hangers, however, have become the norm at nearly every department store. Therefore, if a store wants to stand out, they can spend a little extra money on wooden hanger to increase their brand image.

Slatwall storage fixtures can organize clothes on hangers and on shelves.  These fixtures come in a large variety of styles and forms to fit almost any organizational need.  This is important because different businesses and store require different organization options.