Tablecloths and Chair Covers That Speak to YOU

By chance, have you taken a long hard look at your tablecloths lately? Sure, that is an odd thing to ask, but there is a lot that can come of a well-chosen tablecloth. The right tablecloth can really tie a room together, for instance. Depending on the location of the table, it could be the first thing guests notice when they walk into your house. Furniture is so much more than a utility. Well-selected furniture can transform a house or an apartment into a unique living space that only you could have imagined.
Gertrude Stein wrote that “a rose is a rose is a rose,” but the saying does not hold true for furniture. To say that a chair is a chair is a chair completely neglects the personal identity associated with such personal home decisions. There is personality to be attributed to even the most standard of chairs. Select the kinds of chair covers that speaks to you and all of a sudden, ”a chair is a chair is a chair,“ becomes a “chair is a suave and sophisticated seat that only the the most scholarly are worthy to sit.”

Whether it be old friends or complete strangers, a guest entering your home should be able to sense a personality that is uniquely you the moment they step through the door.  From your walls, to your furniture, to the decorations on your desk, individuality should be boasting from every corner of the home that so magnificently serves and reflects you.