Using a Family Business Attorney

A hundred years ago, businesses were often limited by geography and resources when it came to hiring. Family-owned companies were more common than they are today because hiring within the family was a more convenient solution to companies’ staffing needs. But in the modern work environment, skilled and talented employees are easier to find than ever. So why do family businesses persist? Largely because it’s a tradition. For some companies, however, keeping it in the family is even integral to their day-to-day operations and, ultimately, their success.

Whatever the reason for keeping a business family owned and/or operated, there is one instance when it is beneficial to seek non-consanguine expertise. When the need for legal advice and/or representation arises, an external family business attorney can prove invaluable. He or she can provide unbiased, logical information and assistance with decision-making processes, counseling the family through crucial business matters such as succession planning, employment law, financing, stock, and more. Whether you’re in farming or the funeral industry, when you need an experienced family business attorney, consider Engel & Schultz, LLP, a Boston-based firm that specializes a variety of employment law issues, as well as business and corporate law, trademarks and intellectual property, software agreements, taxation, and more.