Types of White Boards

If you’re in the market to purchase a white board for your home, office, or other area, it might be wise to do some research into the different types of boards that are available.  Unknown to many, there are actually three distinct types of dry erase boards available: enameled steel, polyester-coated steel, and melamine resin.  These three materials aren’t all created equal.

Enameled steel are the most expensive type of whiteboard, but it has two major advantages over the other types.  The first is that they are more durable, which means you are far less likely to have to replace your dry erase board due to damage.  The other is that the enamel used in the creation of these boards is far less permeable to marker in than the painted or resin surfaces of less expensive boards, which will gray over time.  The surface of steel boards is magnetic, which can be useful for display and presentation purposes.