Tips for Choosing a Child Step Stool

A lot of people buy step stools for their kids. But when you are buying a  child step stool, it’s important to remember some things that you should look for in wooden step stools.  Below you are going to find some tips for buying stools for kids so that you are buying something that is safe and that they can use without being afraid that they are going to fall and get hurt.

When buying your child their step stool, there are some things that you should do to make sure it’s safe.

  • If it has legs, they should be sturdy and they should have rubber tips.
  • The base should be wider than its top.
  • It should have wide steps so that child’s feet fit on it.
  • The steps on the stool should be non-skid.
  • It should be the right height for the child.
  • It should have a good strength rating.
  • It should be used on a flat surface when the child is using it.
  • The child climbs it facing the stool’s steps.
  • The child shouldn’t have to lean forward or stretch.
  • You should stay close while the child is using it in case they fall.

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