The MA-1 Flight Jacket

The U.S. Air Force Navy Pilots and Flight crews wore the MA-1 flight jacket in the 1950s. It replaced the B-15 flight jacket, which was the first in a new line of cloth-shelled jackets that were created to accommodate the invention of the new jet aircraft. The new jets were able to fly much higher and in much colder temperatures than their predecessors. Consequently, the older leather jackets that were used, such as the Type A-2 flight jacket, became heavy and uncomfortable when wet from rain or perspiration.

The original MA-1 bomber jacket was manufactured in sage green and midnight blue and was created from top-quality nylon fabrics and polyester interlinings. It was a practical jacket because it was lightweight and still kept the pilot warm. The jacket was updated many times throughout the years because of various reasons, including the advent of new textiles and aircraft cockpit designs. Most of the bomber jackets available today are similar to the MA-1. Replicas come in a variety of colors and styles.