Reduce Acid Reflux Symptoms with Body Wedges

For those who suffer from it, acid reflux can cost individuals thousands and thousands of dollars every year in prescriptions, doctor visits and medical procedures. For some, their issues are so serious, surgery may be the only useful treatment. For more fortunate people, simple lifestyle changes serve as an easier way to manage symptoms.

Sleeping posture may be one thing that makes it easy for acid to ascend and exacerbate symptoms. Sleeping on your right side positions the stomach higher than the esophagus, which provides an easy path for acid to cause discomfort. One way to prevent this while maintaining a comfortable sleeping position is a custom foam back wedge pillow.

A raised upper-body, even if only lifted a few inches, can help reduce acid reflux through gravity. By elevating the esophagus, head and throat, stomach acid has a more difficult path to climb to irritate. Body wedges, which are made in various dimensions to fit all mattress sizes, can offer a boost that’s gentle and comfortable enough to sleep on. Light in weight, you can leave a wedge atop the mattress or bring it with you when you want to watch TV or read on the couch. You can also tuck them under a firm mattress pad if you want the smoothest feel for your sleeping surface. Considering the costly and invasive nature of alternative treatments, trying out custom cushions to help reduce acid reflux symptoms is certainly worth it.