Reasons Why Your Eaton Breakers Might Be Faulty

If the Eaton breakers that you have installed for your home keep tripping, the obvious conclusion that people might come to is that there’s something wrong with the breaker. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be just the breakers that are faulty, as there are other reasons why you might not have power or might experience interruptions to power in your home.

Here are a few of those reasons as to why your FPE circuit breakers might not work:

#1: Bus bar

If there’s a problem with the bus bar in the circuit breaker panel, then the question of a faulty circuit breaker does not arise, as the power does not even reach it in the first place.

#2: Exposure

If the circuit breaker has been exposed to humidity, water, or excessive heat, then this could also be one of the reasons why the circuit breaker is damaged or the internal parts of the circuit breaker malfunction.

#3: The circuit breaker handle

If the circuit breaker handle moves back and forth without falling into the ON or OFF position and staying in either of those positions.

#4: Black deposit on the circuit breaker

If you see signs of burning or heating in the form of a black deposit on the circuit breaker and its casing, then that might be another reason why the general electric breakers do not work.

#5: Corrosion

Another reason why these circuit breakers might not work is due to the fact that corrosion exists on both sides of the circuit breaker itself.