Pressure Reducing Cushions

For individuals who are forced to sit all day at a desk, log mile after mile from the front seat of a freight truck, or utilize a wheelchair for mobility, uncomfortable seating surfaces are a common problem. Pressure issues become much more serious than simple discomfort for people who sit for extended periods of time though, as they can result in circulation problems, numbness, or even sores. If you are experiencing discomfort, it could be a signal that you’re dealing with pressure issues and could benefit from a soft cushion to improve your seating surface.


Often made of polyurethane foam, memory foam, latex foam, or polyester stuffing, pressure reducing cushions help distribute weight and cushion support surfaces that are too firm or rigid. This is why a soft sofa cushion is much easier to sit on for an extended period than a wooden barstool; it distributes your weight across its form, rather than targeting it to particular areas like the hard stool. Occasionally, cushions can be used to help with alignment too. For individuals with back pain, wedge forms provide cushion while gently forcing the user to sit up straighter, improving their alignment and alleviating discomfort.


Pressure relief cushions have a place in an active, healthy lifestyle as well. All kinds of people use exercise mats for Pilates and yoga to get a little cushion from the floor without sacrificing stability. Regardless of your situation, adding a little comfort is never a bad thing, and in some cases, the cushions you use can benefit you in even more ways than the immediate softness they offer.