Optimizing Video Marketing for an Interior Design Business

Summary: Video marketing is a powerful tool that can help you attract clientele from all over the world.

An interior design business requires you to partake in a variety of different marketing strategies. One of these includes using videos for both SEO and visibility purposes. By creating the proper video by using platforms like YouTube, you could potentially expand the overall presence of your business.

Start with a Basic Video

The first thing you’ll want to do is to sign for an account on YouTube for example. Then, you’ll want to create your first video. Center it around introducing your business as a whole and why you’re different from every other interior designer.

For instance, you might want to showcase how you revamped the interior of a broken-down, old boat and transformed every aspect of it – from a simple boat mattress replacement to creating an entirely new setting.

Be Clear with Your Message

Regardless, you’ll need to display something of value to the customer. What type of design are you known for? Are you good with redesigning living rooms or are you more of a bedroom person? Can you work outside of just being an interior designer or are you strictly proficient working within a home. Make it clear and concise so the client understands what you do and won’t end up being confused as to what services you actually offer.

Post Regularly

By posting videos regularly, you’ll be able to build a subscriber base over time. While it might take weeks, or even months, you still want to show that you’re staying consistent throughout your interior design career. Show off various projects that you’ve accomplished like utilizing a simple product such as foam from The Foam Factory to create a gorgeous setting, and you’ll start to garner interest from those that are looking to hire a creative designer.