It all Started with a White Wicker Sofa

I recently refurnished my back porch and started with a nice, white wicker sofa.  I had always liked the way they look on TV or in the movies in a beach house and figured it would be all right to have one not at the beach. I really liked the way it looked and it was very comfortable to sit on too. I slowly bought more pieces to go with the sofa until I had the back porch all redone.

I like the fact that I can mix wicker furniture in with the other pieces and they fit in. I have added a few end tables in the family room and plan on replacing a few chairs with wicker. We got a new couch a few years ago, so I will not be replacing that. The cushions on the new chairs will be a plain color so the vibrant pattern on the couch is accented. I like the way the wicker blends in with the wood entertainment center. For the family room I am not using white, but a dark stain to keep things all together.

When I went to pick out the chairs I want for the family room, I saw a great outdoor wicker sectional that will fit the area around the hot tub. I will be able to entertain and lunge around the hot tub in style and comfort. I do not want to have my whole house done in wicker, but I do like being able to have a few pieces here and there.