How to Select an Effective Ghostwriter

Hiring good ghostwriters is not unlike hiring people with any other skill set. Effective ghost writing calls for dedication, patience, and know-how. However, ghostwriting does require some unique attributes. Here’s what to look for in a skilled ghost writer:

  • Experience. A new ghost writer may be able to get the job done effectively, but someone with a track record of producing quality writing has better odds of seeing the project to completion, as well as a better understanding of issues such as structure, pacing, detail, coherence, etc.
  • Time to devote to the project. The writing of even the very best ghostwriter will suffer if he or she is swamped with other projects. Choose someone who can dedicate an adequate chunk of time to the book for research, writing, and editing. Additionally, it may be helpful to engage a ghostwriter who harbors his or her own passion for the topic.
  • A sense of what will sell. This one is harder to quantify, but a writer who knows which details are essential for marketability and which are better reserved for another project is invaluable. After all, once the book is published, sales and visibility will justify the effort. In addition, a ghostwriter or ghostwriting company that can publish and market the book offer extra value beyond writing and editing.

By seeking these qualities in a ghostwriter, the risk of hiring a ghostwriter is decreased. And when an author finds an effective, experienced, savvy, and dedicated ghostwriter, the relationship is priceless.