Foam at Home and at Work

Whether you know it or not, foam actually plays a huge part in our life, things that are obvious like packaging material, mattresses, pillows and couches to the less obvious ones such as home insulation, air filters, car fire walls and sound proofing materials are all made of foam.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of foam out there, there are open cell foams and closed cell foams. While both are typically made of polyurethane materials, the difference is in their construction.

Open cell foam is what we typically see in pillows, couches and mattresses, these are open celled because they are porous which allows air and water to pass through them which makes them great for beds and pillows as well as for air filters and some basic insulation above ground and out of the elements. The downside with open cell foam is that they are quite fragile when compared to closed cell foam.

Examples of closed cell foam are sound proofing foam and insulating foam. These are hard foams that are very rigid and are typically used for industrial of commercial applications. These are called closed cell foams because they generally do not let air and moisture through. This makes closed cell foam great for sound proofing and insulation since they do not conduct sound or heat very well.

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