Create a Special Place with Bamboo Rattan Furniture

To create a special spot in your back yard where you can sit and relax, bamboo rattan furniture will fit the bill. Maybe you have a small garden area with a path to the middle; you can put up a table with two chairs or even just one chair to enjoy the area. Now you can read a book or have a lazy brunch with someone special surrounded by nature. Choose a white or natural colored wicker and maybe a simple, one-color cushion to let the beauty of the flowers be the main attraction. In the winter, when the flowers have faded, bright, colorful patterns will give the area some life.

Having bamboo rattan for your furniture means you will not have to worry about the weather damaging it. Designed to withstand moisture, heat and the sun, this synthetic wicker does not fall apart the way regular wicker does when it is left outdoors.  You no longer have to keep your pretty table and chair under cover or keep bringing it inside.

If you are having trouble finding bamboo rattan furniture, try Wicker Paradise. Some places may carry vinyl wicker instead. Either one will be good for what you need. They no longer look cheap and fake, technology has made them look and feel like real wicker. Anything you can find in wicker is now available in an outdoor version. You could set up your whole family room outside with wicker furniture using cushions that are waterproof so you do not have to keep drying them out. Have one set for everyday use and another for times you want something special.