3 Unbeatable Christmas Classical Music Selections

While pop music tends to evoke feelings of happiness when they address Christmas themes, other types of contemporary music give us that sense of nostalgia as well as cosiness.christmas-music

However, classical music adds that extra touch by giving us a sense of hope, joy and helping us to relive the miracle of Christmas.

That said, here are 3 selections of classical music that is worth listening to this Christmas:

#1: Liszt: Christmas-Tree Suite

Even though Liszt was the last person to write classical pieces about Christmas, it can be safely said that after turning 70, he became an introspective and mild clergyman. No differently, his music also turned gentle as this piece titled the Christmas-Tree Suite reveals. The piece was played for his grand-daughter Daniela and her guests at first.

#2: Gerald Finzi: In Terra Pax

There can be no better choice for a nostalgic English Christmas classical music piece. Finzi composed this in 1954 as he was dying of leukemia. However, the inspiration for this piece came from a time when he climbed a church spire located on a hill between Gloucester and Cheltenham. The midnight bells that he heard remained in his memory and inspired this piece as a result.

#3: Benjamin Britten: A Ceremony of Carols

Britten composed two sets of carols of which this set is the second along with being more popular. The pieces combine the sound of the harp along with young boys’ voices. What is noteworthy is an old Scottish carol named Balulalow which was published in 1567.