To Make the Most of Your Trip, Rent a Car in the Caymans

Article written by Learners Workshop

With so much to see and do on your Cayman Island vacation, you may have realized it would be helpful to have your own car for transportation. The Cayman Islands do have public transportation available, but then you’re forced to operate around someone else’s schedule. Most people don’t find this ideal.

Cayman car rentals can be very affordable, but you should make it a point to book yours as far in advance as possible. By doing so, you’ll ensure you get a rental and at a lower price. If you plan on spending Christmas, Easter or one of the busy seasons in the Cayman Islands, it becomes even more important that you book in advance.

Many people refuse to book a rental car when they realize they’ll need to drive on the left side of the road and from the left side of the car. While this can be disorienting at first, it’s no reason not to rent a car. Thousands of tourists manage the same situation every year.

You can opt to rent a Cayman Islands car, hire someone else to drive it and simply use them as your chauffer. This method is going to be much more expensive, but is a valid compromise between having to struggle with public transportation or driving in a way you’re uncomfortable with.

No matter which option you choose, most people who vacation there strongly recommend the small investment in renting a car.


Article submitted by Andys Rent-A-Car. Since 1987, the company has been building a reputation for providing Grand Cayman rent-a-car services that tourists can rely on and afford.