The Right Way to Cut Open-Cell Foam

Comfort and support items are one area where DIY hasn’t been embraced much until recently, but as people begin to realize things like bed toppers and new upholstered cushions are much simpler to create than they thought, they have become one of the most popular projects.

The biggest roadblock people face when taking on a DIY foam project is figuring out how customize it to the size they need. Companies use large, powerful machines to cut foam products, and that often convinces people that replicating such work at home isn’t possible. Fortunately, it is not only possible, it’s surprisingly easy to cut foam at home and get something that is just as good as a store-bought product.

There are two strategies for cutting foam at home, neither of which require more than a little time and care to get the job done well. The first strategy involves using a serrated blade, no different than a steak or carving knife. After plotting out the shape you plan to cut, start at an outside edge and slowly saw back and forth at a 45-degree angle. Passing through the foam completely as you cut is important, as it will help keep straighter edges. Always go slowly when cutting, for safety as well as control.

The other method is one that is often surprising, but is the smartest way to cut foam. Using an electric knife, just like the ones used at Thanksgiving, gives you control and precision that essentially mimics the machinery manufacturers have at their disposal. Using the same strategy as the serrated knife, work slowly, let the blade do the cutting and you’ll wind up with a great foam project!

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source for foam that is also happy to help with DIY projects, from cutting foam, to stuffing cushions