Steps to Treat a Termite Bethesda, MD, Maryland Infestation

No matter how well-built your home is there comes a time when a termite Bethesda, MD, Maryland infestation occurs. The damage caused by these pests is hard to detect because the damage occurs mostly internally.

It is very important for homeowners to stay alert to the emergence of a swarm in your home especially if you are located in termite infested areas as they can literally tear through your home in no time at all if left unchecked. And this is where an exterminator Chantilly, VA, Virginia can really help you to deal with this problem swiftly.

Here are a few steps that can not only eradicate these pests from your home but also prevent them from returning:

#1: Inspection

As soon as you detect the presence of termites, hiring an exterminator to inspect your home is a priority. With the experience that these professionals have, they will know exactly how to locate these pests while also deciding how to destroy the swarm.

#2: Treatment

There are several methods of treatment that are used in order to destroy termites such as fumigation, direct wood treatments and the Electrogun method. The chemical soil treatment ensures that the soil around your home is treated in such a way that the termites do not re-enter your home.

#3: Follow-up of treatment

This step involves regularly checking for any termites that might have survived the different methods of treatment and calling up for the follow up treatment to forĀ pest Washington, DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA . You have to check every nook and cranny just to be sure!

#4: Alterations to your home

Using less timber for your home is one of those alterations that will reduce the chances of a termite infestation, and is normally used as the last option especially in areas where there are regular termite outbreaks.