Is There Truth in The Teachings of Calvinism?

Fellowship is one of the most important aspects of remaining in the faith of Christianity. The apostle Paul among the other believers knew how vital it was to be “in the world but not of the world”. The reason for this was because if you did not stay together with your fellow believers, you might be led astray.

While the Word of God is considered to be the foundation on which most believers must base their faith on, very often, dogma presented by a false evangelical can change the way you look at Christianity, putting your salvation under attack.

Take for example, the aspect of eternal security where some people are led to believe that you do not have to work on your salvation every day but instead tend to emphasize that once saved always saved, thus encouraging you to lead a life that are not right according to the Bible.

And this is where new believers are susceptible to going astray…

Yet another astonishing interpretation of Christian faith comes in the form of Calvinism which states that God only elects certain people to be saved. Since only certain people are given this privilege, they will not lose their salvation no matter what they do afterwards. In other words, they do not have to work for their salvation either.

Perhaps, the thumb of rule that you must live by as a believer of Christianity is that instead of listening to “false teachers” who devise new teachings to suit the sinful ways of man is to spend time with people who have are faithful to the Bible and its teachings.

In doing this, you will truly understand what it is like to be one of the faithful few who will finish the race that Paul wrote of in his epistles.