Some Home Staging Techniques

Home staging is a popular industry in today’s weakening real estate market.  With home prices lower after the housing bubble burst, it can be difficult to get the price you want for your home or get it off the market in a timely manner.  Home staging is designed to make your house more appealing to potential buyers.  Here are some possible steps that you might learn about if you decide to take any home staging courses:

  • While your home is currently yours, potential buyers need to be able to see it as theirs.   Home staging professionals will do what they can to make your home as impersonal as possible, so that interested buyers can see it as a blank slate.  This means taking down family photos, putting collections away, and basically removing personal items that reflect the owner rather than the home.  This is an important point taught in home staging classes.
  • If you have outdated fixtures, flooring, and other features in your home, a staging expert will most likely work to update these.  The expense of making these changes is often less than increase in selling price that a fresh and modern look can bring.  The less work a new owner will have to put into their new home, the happier they will be.
  • Stagers will often rearrange your furniture, remove some pieces, and perhaps even have you purchase some new ones.  While your current arrangement might work well for your lifestyle, the chances are that it doesn’t showcase the potential that your rooms have.  A clean and open look that really shows off the space is preferred.