Cabo San Lucas Luxury Vacation Villa Rentals

The Cabo luxury villa they were looking at certainly offered them everything they could hope for. The travertine floors throughout were exquisite of course. The wide galleries open to the breeze and the wide golden sunsets.
As far as Cabo San Lucas rental homes go, there probably wasn’t anything better on the market.
He wondered if his wife
She prattled on and on, animatedly discussing this and that rental option with the leasing agent. Were the jet skis tied to the dock part of the package? Did the infinity pool have a fully stocked bar on deck?
‘Honey, did you see this?”
He looked up momentarily and smile vacantly.
She was waving at the mountains in the distance.
They’d been married for five years now. They had two children that were theirs between them, not counting the older set of twins from her first marriage, Mickey and Jason. Their own children had their mother’s eyes. Yuri was 4 now and the doctors said he’d never develop normally but little two year old Olga was fat and fine and her eyes stared back at him, searching.
He wondered if the little girl who’d never been named because she died a week after she’d been born with her twin sister would have looked at him with the same startling shade of gray.
Mickey and Jason made him uneasy. He wished they’d go live with their father. To be honest, his luxury real estate business and her equipment sales company had been tanking lately and their constant demands for this gaming system or that car was beginning to grind on his nerves.
One day he came home after another fruitless open house to find the Times folded in half and sitting on the kitchen counter. It was opened to the pages advertising Cabo vacation rentals. She’d looked at him squarely, with an oddly expressionless face and said, “Honey, maybe we should look at some of these Cabo San Lucas rentals. It’s been ages since I’ve been down there.”
She’d left her first husband after a week in a luxury Cabo villa a year before they had met. That would’ve been six years, this April.