Silk Flowers, Personalized Napkins, and Chair Slipcovers – 3 Ways to Add Personality to Your Special Event

Summary: Whether you’re planning a wedding, an awards banquet, or any other kind of special event, you don’t have to give up style because of a small budget. Silk flowers, personalized napkins, and chair slipcovers are three easy ways to add flair to your event – without adding a massive cost.

Planning a special event can be stressful. Between the invitations, the food, and the guests, there is plenty to worry about. Plus, you have to make the actual event look as beautiful as your budget will allow. With simple touches like silk flowers, personalized napkins, and chair slipcovers, you can create a beautiful room that will impress your guests from the moment they walk in.

Silk flowers are a great way to save money -without sacrificing class. Real flowers are expensive, and they only last for a day or two. On the day of your special event, you will have enough responsibilities; meeting up with the flower vendor shouldn’t be one of them! With silk flowers, you can get your flowers weeks in advance – without worrying about them dying before the big day.

And, while they might be fake, silk flowers don’t look fake anymore. Today’s silk flowers come in virtually any color that you can imagine, and they are designed to look like any flower you can imagine. Need yellow Lilies? No problem. Need red roses? No problem. Silk flowers can match any décor.

If you want to inject some personality into your special event, why not get some personalized napkins? They are a small addition, but they are also something that can really add a touch of flair to your big day. Guests notice the little things – like napkins with the bride and groom’s name on them. Why have any old cocktail hour, when you can get some personalized napkins to jazz things up? And, as an added benefit, personalized napkins can be bought at wholesale prices – making them much cheaper than cloth or linen napkins.

But, what about the tables? After all, that’s where your guests will spend most of their time. You need a setting that’s beautiful and cost effective.

Chair slipcovers can add to your décor and save you money, all at the same time. Chair slipcovers come in practically any color, so you can match them to any tablecloth. Plus, chair slipcovers eliminate the need to buy or rent expensive chairs. In fact, you can drape chair slipcovers over cheap folding chairs. No one will notice the difference!