Osho and the Upanishads

Teacher and philosopher Osho aimed to elucidate the wisdom of the most sacred Hindu texts, the Upanishads.

Modern teacher and mystic Osho spoke on a variety of subjects covering the broad spectrum of religion and philosophy. From his thoughts about the teachings of Buddha to Jesus, it is hard to find a topic he didn’t discuss. Among his extensive collection of Osho meditations and discussions is his enlightening discourse on a collection of ancient philosophical texts of Hinduism called the Upanishads.

According to Osho, “The sutra that we are exploring is so revolutionary that perhaps this is why no commentaries have ever been written on the Nirvana Upanishad. It is one of the neglected ones. …This one is really revolutionary.”

The Upanishads — which consist of more than 200 works including the most influential assortment “principal Upanishads” — touch upon the state of consciousness, a topic very familiar to Osho. He tackled the collection in a discourse spoken at a meditation camp at Mount Abu in India. Later, the same discourse was translated into text entitled “Behind a Thousand Names: Talks on the Nirvan Upanished.” — a must read for people of the Osho sannyas.

Within the 15 chapters of the book, Osho explains the timeless wisdom found in the Upanishads, including the meaning of initiation, the qualities required by the seeker that will produce his full potential and the many dangers and setbacks along the road. He also discusses other topics found in the collection such as devotion, the path of love and discipline.

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