Radio Then & Now

For most people today, the radio is a source of free music to listen to in the car, a way to keep up with a game that’s not airing locally on TV, or a source of morning talk entertainment as you get ready for school or work.  These days, TV and the Internet are our main sources of entertainment.  But there was a time when the radio was king in homes across the country and around the world.  Families would gather around to listen to their favorite shows, much as they do to catch must-see TV in today’s world.  Familiar names like Superman and Sherlock Holmes were big draws, as were plenty of characters and shows you may never have heard of.

For fans of vintage radio broadcasts or those who are interested in the evolution of entertainment and pop culture, Internet radio offers the opportunity to experience what radio was like in its heyday.  There are quite a few online sites and radio stations that let people listen to old-time recordings for free.  Many of these shows and stories are just as enthralling today as when they first aired. 

Internet radio is still an unexplored world for many people.  However, there’s much more than just music online for you to listen to.  Take the time to explore a little and see what you find!