Private School for Special Needs?

If you have a special-needs child who is currently attending public school, you may be wondering if a private institution would be better suited to meet their needs. Perhaps you worry that the number of students in Manhattan middle schools and high schools means that your child won’t get the personal attention that he or she needs. Or maybe you think that an institution like York Preparatory School would have a curriculum better suited to your special needs student. However, many parents might be surprised to learn that a New York City private school might not be the best option for their boy or girl.

There are education laws that require public schools to provide an education for all children. This includes special-needs children. A NY private school, on the other hand, is permitted to be as selective as it wants. While a public school is required to provide special-needs children with the programs they need, you may find that a given private school in New York doesn’t have any special education programs that will give your child the care and attention needed to succeed in school. While York Prep and any other private school in New York will work to provide all students with the assistance that they need, the truth is that you may be forced to pay out of pocket for these extra resources, on top of the already pricey tuition fee. When it comes to choosing a public or private school in New York for your special needs student, you might find that the public school system is better equipped than you expected.