Keep Doors from Slamming With Stoppers

One of the most invigorating experiences during summer is throwing open all the windows in the house and enjoying the breeze. After months of stuffy, dry, furnace-pumped air, fresh air is revitalizing. Opening the house to change the air every once in a while is also good for your health. But on gusty days, the wind blowing through the house can have a more direct effect, in the form of doors being violently blown open or shut into frames, walls, or even people.

Aside from the jarring noise of a slamming door, their movement can also be hazardous to people in or around the doorway. Foam safety door stoppers are one fast and affordable way to prevent the sudden slamming of doors while enjoying your windows being open. They are soft and padded enough to absorb the impact of a door flying into its frame, and large enough to silently cushion the contact. Sculpted rigid foam safety products like stoppers are also helpful for keeping tiny fingers from getting pinched in a closing door, or flying open into children walking by. These slide-on forms are easily removed when a door needs to be shut, and can be placed anywhere along the door’s edge or top to keep them out of reach of children or pets who think they’re a squishy toy.

Door stoppers also protect the room itself, as a gust of wind can quickly manifest itself in the form of a doorknob-sized hole in the wall. Repetitive slamming can also damage a door jamb or even crack the door itself. With a foam door stopper, a flying door will gently and silently bump into the wall or frame, without noise or damage.