How to restore tore up Car or RV Cushion Seats.

If there is one thing in our world we use daily that gets tore up and abused than it’s most definitely our vehicles, cars and RVs find themselves victim to being torn up and ripped. Though fixing this problem is a lot easier than going out and buying a whole new seat. For this you’ll want to get custom cut foam for both your seat and the seat backs, taking the appropriate measurements and figuring in any curvatures on your vehicles seat. You can measure the current seats before you tear them apart. Foam replacements can be used for more than just vehicles, you can do similar things for your patio cushion and other indoor and outdoor furniture.

Taking off the upholstery and the foam you’ll be left with just the frame of your seat left, this is when you will get your custom foam and new upholstery (sorry, you can’t use the old stuff!). Giving you the option to make your vehicle or RV customized to your liking. You’ll want to reupholster the seats with the fabric of your choosing, making sure the upholstery is sturdy and meant to be used specifically for vehicles. Extra tools and instructions are fairly easy to find, but don’t let the idea of fixing up your RV or vehicle, patio or whatever else be a daunting task. It’s a lot cheaper to DIY!

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