How To Train Your Dog

It’s a pleasure to possess a dog. However, it’s not that easy to take care
of dogs and is especially difficult to train them.

You should take over a number of responsibilities when keeping a pet dog and
one of your primal responsibilities should be training. Dog training is important
since in general, because taking care of and loving a well-trained pet is easier
and more fun. Besides they cause less damage to your home. Indeed without proper
training your dog will destroy your belongings, fight other dogs, bark without
any reason, dig holes in your yard, and even bite everybody, including you.
A good dog trainer can prevent this by means of good training.

In order to prevent this many dog owners train dogs by practicing punishments
as a training method. However, this method can hardly prove to be effective
and reasonable since it may frighten dogs. Eventually this may lead to aggressive
pet behavior.

It’s necessary to practice a positive dog training. In fact, positive animal
covers two important point, namely disregarding bad behavior and encouraging
good behavior.

For instance, if your dog jumps over you when you come home after your work,
don’t shout at him, just cross your arms and turn round. If he whines or barks
don’t speak to him, just ignore him. Pay attention to him, caress and pat on
him as soon as he calms down. If you dog chews on your shoe, don’t scream at
her. Indeed you should take the shoe away and immediately replace it with a
toy for him to chew on. Then you should pat on him and praise him for chewing
on the toy.

Also praise him when he eliminates outside. When you praise and encourage him
he will make a tendency to eliminate outside and never on the carpet inside.

A good dog trainer uses different tones of voice to train his dog. For instance,
‘no’ should be said in a low and authoritative voice. Scolds should be done
by making the words longer.

If you are unwilling or busy to train your canine friend, turn to a professional,
who has devoted a lot of time to animal career and takes pet training very serious.