From Modern To Vintage

Generally the term vintage is referred to the cars, clothes and instruments
of the previous decades.

For example, when you hear somewhere: “Oh, what a nice vintage tee shirt
you are wearing!”, you instantly understand that it looks like the clothes
that were made during 1940-1980’s. Many of you (especially those people who
are interested in the global fashion) will even be able to guess the year it
was produced.

There are many people who are interested in what is so special about vintage
clothes that people even today wear them and feel very comfortable. The reasons
are various:

Creativity – Vintage clothes include a lot of imaginative styles.

Quality – Vintage clothes were not designed for a one-time use. These clothes
had such a good and high quality that they were even passed to the other family

Look – Vintage clothes provide you with a perfect and unique look because of
one simple fact – they are all produced in small quantities. It means that two
people will hardly ever wear the same clothes.

Investment – There are many people who buy vintage clothes not to wear them
but to add them to their collection. Besides collecting vintage clothes, like
m65 field jacket or vintage T-shirts, has become one of the widely accepted
hobbies for many people due to the low costs and high quality.

Celebrities’ choice – A lot of celebrities, like Julia Roberts, Kate Moss and
other such Hollywood stars, wear vintage clothes. And this always keeps and
gradually increases the interest of people towards these clothes.

Two days ago I was walking with my dog along the streets, when I suddenly noticed
a group of boys and girls entering a disco club. But what attracted my attention
was not the quantity of boys and girls or whether they were nice or not. It
was the way they were dressed – they had all put on disco clothing, the clothing
that we wore when we were 20-25 or more. I was so shocked and at the same time
so happy to see that.

And when I told my husband about that, he looked at me profoundly and said:
“Sometimes an old fiddle plays a better tune than hundreds of new ones
and that is, what today’s youth is starting to understand”.