Another Wedding? What’ll I Wear?

No matter how much women’s clothing we own, we always seem to find ourselves in the same predicament when it comes to the umpteenth wedding of the summer season: what to wear. After a certain number of ceremonies, the wedding attire starts to all look alike. The same demure dresses. The same unobtrusive colors. If you want to shake things up a bit without stealing the spotlight from the bride, consider these unique alternatives:

  • A vintage red pencil skirt. Nothing is as timelessly sexy as a form-fitting pencil skirt. It hints at librarian with a splash of rocker-chick cool. Pair it with a vintage-inspired blouse or cardigan for ultimate impact.
  • A sailor dress. Like pencil skirts, wholesale vintage sailor dresses never seem to go out of style. If the wedding has a nautical theme, even better!
  • A women’s tuxedo. This one’s burrowed from the boys, but cut sleek and updated with feminine details such as satin piping and a low neckline, a women’s tuxedo is anything but mannish.
  • Jeans and a dressy blouse and/or jacket. This combination will work only at the most informal of weddings. But if your pal’s a laid-back bride and the ceremony is more Bucky’s Pizza Parlor than Buckingham Palace, by all means, throw on a nice pair of jeans and kick up your heels!