3 Features of YouTube Music Key

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It should come as no surprise that Google has recently launched a new music service called YouTube Music Key even if it has another music service already.youtube-music-key-youredm

The simple reason for this Music Key makes the latter all that much better. This is for the reason that there are new features that have been added due to this service.

However, it can be confusing to people as to why this service exists since if you are already an All Access subscriber, you can get Music Key at no further cost. That said, both these services are really one and the same thing.

So, here are 3 features of Music Key that seek to improve certain issues with YouTube:

#1: Listen to Music in the Background on your Mobile

On your desktop, it’s easy to listen to music in the background by making a playlist and leaving it on but this wasn’t possible on your mobile until now. As soon as you turn off your screen or move away from your app, Music Key allows you to enable this feature.

#2: Download Videos for Offline Playback

A number of people wouldn’t want to stream music all day long. Thanks to this addition, you can download music to listen to later on and which does not require you to leave your Wi-Fi up. Of course, you can create a music playlist with your phone too.

#3: Skip the ads

Even if Google does not want to eliminate all ads from YouTube, Music Key has removed certain ads from videos that aren’t music videos. This is still worth pointing out here.