Turn Party Favour Boxes into Personalized Cards

Crafting is an art that everyone can do, kids especially, love it. It is also environment friendly because you create stuff from recycled materials. For example, after using party favour boxes, you can turn them into personalized greeting cards. Recycled materials are often the materials used for craft projects because they are readily available plus it helps the environment.

An episode of the show Artzooka on Nickelodeon shows how kids can use paper cardboards to make cards, no need to buy fancy card making supplies. All they needed for this project were cardboard boxes, like a cereal box, glue, scissors, crayons, markers and anything they can find to decorate the card with. The procedure is quite simple and most kids can follow it, but of course, parental supervision is always required when kids are working on crafts. The first thing you need to do is cut the cardboard into whatever shape your card you want to be. Then create a mixture of one part glue and one part water and use this soak some newspaper or some tissue paper then stick it to the cardboard. This will cover the current design on the cardboard which will make it more suitable for decorating later on. Once it has dried, you can then use whatever material you like to decorate it.

If you are working on a scrapbook, then it would be a great idea to buy craft embellishments to dress up your creation. Most online stores carry different kinds of embellishments at a low price.