The Overhead Costs Surrounding Command Centers

Summary: Today’s command centers revolve around a wide variety of overhead costs. Here’s a breakdown.

The costs surrounding a command center for an organization tends to vary based on the capabilities of the center itself. For instance, let’s compare a command center for a small business versus one for a large-scale enterprise. Sure, they operate under the same tendencies, but the obvious differences are a larger space, more staff, and higher quality control room furniture. Not only that, but there are also differences in the A/V integration which includes the video wall being utilized within the command center.

Can You Run a Command Center With Cheap Furnishings?

Technically, yes you can. You don’t need the latest equipment to function as a full-fledged command center. While it might prove to be better in certain aspects, it doesn’t completely rule out that a command center cannot exist for an organization. Many of today’s businesses cannot afford to staff a command center due to the amount of overhead costs.

What Should You Allocate Your Funds Towards?

First and foremost, a video wall is crucial to an efficient command center. Without one, your team won’t be able to broadcast real-time information and other important data that they might need to respond to any emergency situation. It might be an underrated component as many business owners like to focus on things like overstaffing and other aspects but an optimal video wall can increase the efficiency of the command center as a whole. Custom integrators like Constant Technologies, Inc. claim that a balanced command center consists of a wide array of technical equipment that’s both up-to-date and user-friendly.