Rental Car Basics when visiting the Grand Cayman Island

If you’re taking a vacation to Grand Cayman, you must rent a car. Grand Cayman car rentals are generally very affordable and can make all the difference during a vacation. While the island does possess public transit and your hotel may have a shuttle service, your daily options will become very limited.

One thing many Westerners might struggle with their Grand Cayman Island car rental is the steering wheel being on the right hand side of the car and driving on the left hand side of the street. This is the exact opposite of the way it is in many Western countries.

Although some Grand Cayman rent a car providers can accommodate by supplying you a car with the wheel on the left side, this is not always possible to expect. So instead, try remembering the following:

  • The passing lane is now the far right hand lane. So stay in the left lane until you feel comfortable driving on the other side of the road.
  • Take your time with turns. Signal early and give the traffic around you time to adjust. Right hand turns are now the ones in which you need to consider oncoming traffic.
  • Anticipate then act. All your controls are going to be on opposite sides of the car. Give yourself plenty of time to, say, activate the turn signal before it’s time to make that turn.


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