Osho – Who Was He, and How Does He Live On?

Summary: Previously known as ‘Rajneesh’, Osho became one of the world’s most famous Indian mystics. It has been decades since he died, but Osho discourses and Osho meditation techniques still play a major role in the lives of millions of people.

Known once as ‘Rajneesh’ Osho was an Indian mystic, philosopher, and spiritual teacher who gained the respect and devotion of followers all over the world. Today, decades after his death, the spirit of Osho lives on in his discourses and meditations. Osho’s followers have worked hard to make sure that all of his beliefs and teachings did not die with him.

Throughout his life, Osho changed his names several times, but his beliefs always held firm. Osho believed that our lives centered around the search for happiness – no matter what our religious beliefs may be. Whether you are Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, or Buddhist, Osho thought that meditation was a way of life, instead of something that should just be done once in awhile to relax. To Osho, mediation is the only way to get rid of stress and tension and to live in harmony.

However, Osho meditation is far different than any other type of meditation. To Osho, meditation should not be a quiet, still experience. Instead, Osho believed that meditation needs to be active, so that people can get all of their stress and tension out. He said that an active meditation is the only way to achieve true harmony.

While Osho is gone, his beliefs are alive and well in the minds of his millions of followers. Known as ‘Osho sannyasins’, his disciples work hard to make sure that his memory and teachings live on.

Many of his followers have created a library of Osho discourses. These recordings allow people to hear directly from Osho himself. Whether you are new to Osho’s teachings, or you have been following his beliefs for years, Osho discourses make it almost like Osho never died. You can listen to him speak about numerous issues – including the meaning of life, the search for happiness, his beliefs on children and parenting, and his take on powerful emotions like love.

In order to keep up with the times, his followers have also created an Osho mp3. That way, you can listen to Osho discourses anytime – in the car, at work, or at home. With an Osho mp3, his teachings will always be nearby.