Move Your Mattress the Right Way

If you’re like most people, you try to take care of your belongings as best you can. Common sense dictates that the larger your investment, the more care we generally take to protect it. Unfortunately, the value of a mattress is often overlooked, despite their fairly sizeable cost and the amount of time we spend on them. A little reminder, however, can make you remember how valuable your mattress really is, and the care it requires.

We spend a third of our lives in our beds, which means we spend a third of every day in bed as well. Our energy, health, and general happiness are also directly impacted by our sleeping surface. Physical impact aside, premium-mattresses can cost thousands of dollars, obviously a substantial financial investment. So between the time we spend in them and the money we spend on them, it’s easy to see the high level of investment in a bed mattress. As part of their life cycle, many mattresses require relocation or flipping, but even when an owner is diligent in caring for their bed, damage can occur. Whether turning it, putting it in a new room, or moving it to an entirely new residence, it’s important to exhibit care moving your mattress.

The most common mattress handling mistake people make is something many never realize they shouldn’t be doing. Traditional mattresses have handles on their sides, which people use to lift, carry, and flip beds. In actuality this is something they should not be doing, as handles are not designed to bear the weight of a mattress, and are only in place for adjusting the position of a mattress on the bed frame.

The composition of a mattress also dictates how it should be manipulated. Custom memory foam beds, for example, should never be grabbed in handfuls or along corners or edges because the substantial weight of a mattress can cause tearing. Conventional mattresses, meanwhile, should never be folded or forcefully bent in an attempt to get them into a tight spot. Flexibility, however, is a non-issue when moving a foam or latex mattress. Regardless of mattress type however, it’s smart to get a pair of helping hands when moving a mattress, even if it’s only being flipped. The size and weight can make handling a mattress awkward, especially the larger sizes, and when something affects your life to the degree a mattress does, it’s worth the extra effort to make sure it’s properly taken care of.