Knowing the Calories in a Banana – Lifestyle Change for Dieting

We’ve all heard about fad diets, they have their own little meals, prepared and ready for you to eat only how much they let you eat.  Do you know how many calories in a banana?  Knowing stuff like that will really help with your lifestyle change. You know, those little 100 calorie packs of whatever? Those are exactly what I’m talking about – do you really not have enough self-control to limit the amount of food you eat?  You pay more for less with packaged foods, but then you might be thinking to yourself, “I don’t need more, I’m fine with less.”  You need to have some self-confidence, believe that you can tell yourself when to stop – even if you have some problems with self-control, you can still succeed by believing in yourself.  Changing other things like switching to low calorie alcoholic drinks at parties and functions can really help as well.


Don’t put faith in fad diets and then believe that you have problems when you don’t succeed.  Take dieting into your own hands.  Eat more fruits, more vegetables, and more natural meats.  Eat less processed foods, and try to avoid the middle aisles of the grocery stores.  Go for the outside sections because they contain all of the fresh produce, meats, and dairy that you may ever need for a good diet.  If you need extra protein, knowing some good protein shake recipes can be excellent.

The last idea of dieting is the ability to make your body full by eating less.  Eating foods that are higher in protein and natural minerals and vitamins will make you fuller than eating twice the amount of processed foods.  Try to snack healthy, on things like nuts and berries, specifically dried fruits, because they are higher in health content than candy.