Is a King-Size Bed the Right Size for You?

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to buy a new mattress, the very next choice you should be making is what size you’ll be getting. This can often be the most difficult decision, as it comes down to want and need; affordability versus practicality and reality. In general terms, the rule of thumb is to get the largest mattress that fits your budget. However, going too large in a room that lacks the space can make a room uncomfortable, and for some people, the cost of the largest sets may place themselves outside of your price range. But if you have both the space and the money, there are a few good reasons to go big and select a king-size bed.


  • Space: If you’re a seasoned veteran in couch surfing or have recently spent a night on a twin-size bed, you’re aware of the importance of having enough space to get comfy without feeling confined. A contemporary king bed measures 76 by 80 inches, plenty of room for even the biggest bed-hog to stretch out and adjust through the night.
  • Room to grow: If you’ve just gotten married or are planning on starting a family, you will soon realize if you haven’t already that full size bedroom furniture isn’t large enough for two adults to comfortably share. And once children join your family, you’ll inevitably have additions to your bed in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, taking up bed space. With a king-size bed, there’s plenty of room to go around.
  • Complete a Room: Most people may find this to be the complete opposite of the issue they’re faced with, but some individuals realize they have too much space in their bedrooms. If a room looks sparse or cavernous with only a full or queen-size bed, king size platform beds, canopy beds or any other king-size variety can fill a room elegantly and make it feel comfortable instead of awkward.


As long as cost and space aren’t an issue, king-size beds are a supremely luxurious and comfortable way to get your sleep.