Importance of removing partially digested food from your colon

Colon is the large intestine that is part of the human digestive system which consists of body organs that begins at the mouth and ending at the anus. Colon is responsible for the final processing stages of the digestive system. The main functions of the colon include absorption of water from indigestible food, accept and store undigested food matter and eliminate solid matter. Undigested food in your system can add up to ten pounds to your body weight, create gas and constipation, and provides breeding ground for parasites. Therefore, regular cleansing of the colon not only removes partially digested food but also helps to lose weight. Coleanse Diet is intended to gently cleanse your colon and get rid of partially digested food matter from your colon.

Coleanse Diet contains Cape Aloe, an ingredient known to have antioxidants which help to improve digestion, regulate bowl movement, improve blood flow, and improve overall efficiency of the colon. The thick briny content stored inside Cape Aloe leaves are made into a powder and used in Coleanse Diet. It improves the cleansing process. Coleanse Diet can eliminate bloated feeling in your stomach, constipation, irritable bowel movement and fatigue. Additional information and other benefits of this product can be seen at