How to Choose a Medigap Plan

If you are like most people under the federal Medicare program, you still have some out-of-pocket expenses for certain healthcare costs. The good news is there is a wide range of Medigap plans available to help cover these extra expenses.

Medigap plans, also called Medicare supplemental insurance plans, are offered through various insurance companies within your state. The first step to selecting a plan is to find out which companies offer Medigap plans in your state. For example, if you need Florida Medigap insurance, you can contact your state insurance department or the State Health Insurance Assistance Program for a list of companies in your area. However, another method that is much easier is to visit Once you input your basic information, MWG provides you with a list of companies and insurance plans in your area. You will receive instant quotes from various companies and will have the opportunity to compare costs and plan details. A rule to keep in mind is that by law Medigap companies are not allowed to sell more than one Medigap plan at a time.