Foam for the Outdoors

Spending quality time with your family and friends in a weekend backyard barbecue or perhaps a nautical adventure on your boat is truly priceless. Having bonding activities with our loved once gives us something that cannot be bested by money, fame or success. What would make these times even better though is if we are able to do it comfortably. For that, you would need high quality patio furniture, lawn chairs or boat cushions and seats.

Having good outdoor furniture means we can enjoy our time with our loved once without literally breaking or straining our backs. Eventually though, even the best outdoor furniture get old and would need replacement or refurbishment.

While most people simply throw away old furniture and buy new ones, it is significantly more cost effective to just restore worn furniture. For your patio furniture or boat cushions, you will need to find high quality outdoor foam replacement. Ideally, for your boat or patio furniture, you need to use specialty dry fast foam. Foam that is specifically designed for the outdoors are typically constructed with large cells that allows quick drying even after getting completely soaked in water or sweat. Furthermore, good quality outdoor foam looks after more than just moisture; germs and bacteria are special concerns as well. Top quality outdoor foam are produced to be anti-microbial and will make sure that even consistent exposure to the elements will not promote bacterial or fungal growth. High quality dry fast foam is typically available in leading foam supply stores.

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