Citrus Bowl Changing Turf

Article submitted by Artificial Turf Supply

More and more arenas and stadiums are finding that a switch to artificial grass from natural turf is a great way to save money.  Because it is more durable than grass and doesn’t need to be watered or trimmed, maintenance requires less time and money.  What’s more, companies continue to make new advances in terms of the materials used, meaning improved playing surfaces for teams.

One of the latest stadiums to make the change to synthetic turf is the Florida Citrus Bowl in the city of Orlando.  The Orlando City Council recently had a vote to install an artificial playing surface in the stadium.  The city will most likely be negotiating a deal with the manufacturer AstroTurf.

The decision to make this change is most likely due to a nationally broadcast demonstration of how poorly the natural turf is currently fairing.  During the Champs Sports and Capital One bowls, the players could be seen slipping and sliding on dangerously loose sod. Unfortunately, right after the sod had been laid down, it was soaked by heavy rains, creating an unstable surface. Artificial turf is more durable; not only will it stand up to the rigors of the sport, the environment will have less of an effect on it.

In regards to instillation and artificial grass prices, the city has also set the budget for the project at $1.5 million. The hope is that the installation will be complete by September, meaning the Citrus Bowl will be ready for the fall season.