Choosing Permanent Cosmetics Education

Growing interest in permanent make-up procedures has presented a number of lucrative opportunities for trained permanent makeup technicians. But in order to become truly successful, an aspiring technician must first receive the proper training in techniques, procedures, and equipment.

There are a number of organizations that offer such training, and a comprehensive education in permanent makeup can cost thousands of dollars. To optimize your education for future success, here are a few tips for choosing a program:

  • Small student-to-teacher ratio. The student-to-teacher ratio makes a big difference in how much you’ll learn from the program. If upwards of 50 students are competing for one instructor’s attention, your questions are less likely to be answered, and you’ll receive less individual guidance. You could make a costly error and not even be aware of it.
  • History of the program. Is the program relatively new, or has it been around for at least a few years? A program that’s weathered changes in the industry and in beauty can paint a fuller picture of working as a technician.
  • Does the program offer career advice? If your goal is to find employment as a permanent make up technician, a program that provides career counseling and networking opportunities will ultimately be much more valuable than one that does not.

The American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics is one of the top institutions worldwide for permanent cosmetics training, education, and research. To receive training at this prestigious institution, call 800-642-1096.