Above Ground, In Ground

There are a number of decisions that those people looking at installing swimming pools in their home have to consider.  One of the biggest is whether you would want an above ground or in ground pool.  There are a number of advantages to each type.

In ground pools are often the choice for more serious swimmers, as they are larger.  Interested in diving boards in your very own backyard?  You definitely want to get an in ground pool for that, as that is the only type of pool that is deep enough for diving.  Always remember to keep safety in mind first!  The same consideration holds true if you have kids asking about pool slides.  The last thing you want is for what is supposed to bring your family a fun summer experience to cause anyone injuries.  In ground pools can also be made in custom shapes and sizes fairly easily.

Above ground pools on the other hand tend to cost much less, leaving you with more money for infrared saunas, Jacuzzis, or anything else you might want to add to your yard.  Because they are generally smaller, you will also spend less on chemicals and any other items that you might need to maintain them, including swimming pool solar heaters.   Because they are raised off the ground, it can be easier to prevent young children from accidentally entering them unsupervised.  Another positive factor is that such pools are generally not considered permanent structures.  This means you don’t have to deal with zoning laws or negatively impacting the value of your home.