Useful Tips on Deposing Construction Expert Witnesses

Deposing a construction expert witness may seem complex and nearly impossible. However, there are certain strategies that can give you the upper hand in your case. Here are some of the proven methods that the top litigators and attorneys use in today’s construction cases.

They’re Not Always “Experts”

An expert witness may fill the role of the title, but when it comes to specific details of certain construction practices, they may not be able to answer what’s required of them. While it’s fair to assume that most construction expert witnesses will bring their “A-game” to the fight, it should be known that there are ranging levels of experience. It’s all about how you approach the case.

Go the Extra Mile

Learn every code and law of the relevant construction topic. For example, if you’re looking to depose a witness that specializes in electrical engineering, learn about the codes that govern the field. Seek out more in-depth information about electrical engineering so you can proceed to outperform the witness in terms of the debate. A smart attorney looks for every edge that they can get against their opponent.

Seek Assistance

Many construction consulting services offer assistance when it comes to deposition and litigation. It never hurts to seek out a second opinion when it comes to the matter at hand. By doing so, you might be able to take a few pointers that could potentially win the case for your client. Remember, these experts aren’t undefeatable in court, many inept construction specialists take on the role – which essentially gives you the edge.

Bio: Lyle Charles, of Lyle Charles Consulting, is a structural steel engineer with over 40 years of experience.