Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Children

Let’s not forget that Halloween is as much—if not more—for the children as for adults. Check out these costume ideas for the pint-sized trick-or-treaters among us. We know: kids have all the fun.

5. Pirates. Thanks to Pirates and the Caribbean, pirates are now fun for the whole family. The whole family can get in on the pirate action with costumes from Halloween Unlimited. We also carry Halloween props such as fake pirate swords to complete the ensemble. Shiver me timbers!

4. Woody and Jessie. What would Woody do without his pal Jessie to back him up? Just make sure to leave old Stink Pete at home when the kids go roundup some candy.

3. Raggedy Ann and Andy. These adorable costumes feature the famous mop-top red wig for him and the classic white apron for her. What adventures will this brother-and-sister duo have this Halloween?

2. 50s costumes. Neither today’s youngsters nor most of their parents, for that matter, are old enough to have lived through the bobby-sock era, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy poodle skirts and greaser jackets this Halloween. Fifties’ costumes can also be worn to other costume events and are fun all year long!

1. Harry Potter and Hermione. Just because the Harry Potter books are finished doesn’t mean that the wizardry is! Let them cast a spell over their friends, family, and neighbors with these enchanting costumes.