Tips for Safe Electrical Generator Usage This Winter

During the winter months a storm or cold spell might play havoc with a town’s electrical grid, forcing residents to rely on emergency generators to give them the power to provide warmth throughout the night. However, these generators can be dangerous. The editors at the Shakopee Valley News in Minnesota know about cold weather and recently published a few tips for using emergency generators safely during a power outage.

First, it’s important to never use something like a 30 kw diesel generator indoors, since it can create a risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s also important not to try and hook an emergency generator directly into the electrical wiring grid of your house; if you want emergency power for your entire house, pre-wire that with the help of an electrician ahead of time. Otherwise, it’s better to plug the electrical items you want to use (such as a freezer or television) directly into your 60 kw generator.  Finally, only use electrical outlets that are rated for the correct amount of power when hooking large appliances up to your generator.